Minting Asimi Tokens

A semi-decentralized ad minting system that creates new Asimi crypto tokens and pays them directly into minters personal wallets every day.

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Minting with Hashing Ad Space.

At the core of the Hashing Ad Space and Asimi concept is "Asimi Ad Minting".
Ad Minting is the reason Asimi is necessary for the successful operation of the Hashing Ad Space ecosystem.

There was no pre-sale for Asimi tokens, nor does Hashing Ad Space sell Asimi tokens directly to members. Instead, Asimi Ad Minting is the addition of new tokens to circulating supply for the community to use. With circulating supply starting at 0, a pre-defined minting schedule of 17,438 tokens are awarded to Ad minters each day based on the number of ads they mint. The minting schedule halves every 4 years to reach a maximum supply of 67 Million Asimi tokens that will ever be issued.


Calculate My Asimi Minting Potential.

The minting estimate above is calculated on yesterday's company-wide minting totals.
Values are subject to change daily. Read the earnings disclaimer here

Get paid directly to your own wallet every day!

Minting earnings are automatically paid directly to the verified minting wallet that you have assigned. By minting your ads you will earn Asimi and it will be paid into your designated Waves exchange wallet daily.


Asimi Minters Reviews

I have been minting since December 2019.
Minting is quick and apart from growing your money better than any bank fixed account investment, you get to know other websites that you can invest and earn money from while keeping hashingadspace a safe place for your money growth. With the money I got from minting I could make my home bills like my internet be paid literally without taking any money from my main job income.
Something exciting about minting is that you earn and learn ... Earn money and learn about new opportunities.

Stefan O

I really really LOVE the minting system. I have been using the system since day 1. I really love how it automatically gets paid into my wallet.
I am making about $5 a day, so I am building it up for my future! Thanks very much Luke for a great business!!

Simon W

I have been minting since day one on the new system and way to little on the old one. Been a member of HAS since 2017. Back then really sceptical about the whole crypto market. But HAS is the only project I've encountered so far, that:
1. Is still out there. 2. Is providing something of real value for the people and it's members. 3. Has the most helpful and dedicated team I've seen so far. So back then I started out with a little and it grew. And it still is growing just by watching a few ads a day. Doesn't get much easier! So yeah. I am growing my Asimi and plan to let it generate a nice little daily output as soon as I have (in my eyes ;)) enough Asimi! But yeah since I've been around so long I've already doubled my invest, how cool is that?! Thanks for the great work, and keep it coming! By the way: the games are so fun!


Thank you for building such great business. I am a member of Hashing Ad Space many years. And platform growing day by day... Minting Asimi is a great opportunity for earning Asimi tokens in an easy way.. We only need 100+ Asimi to start minting and I am sure that it could afford anyone. Then, only a few minutes every day we need to mint ads. It was never been so easy and quick. Asimi tokens are next day paid directly in our wallet, so we do not need to request a withdrawal. If this isn’t an amazing project, then I don’t know what could have been even better. Luke, with his project also helping me with paying bills. So, my family living a comfortable life.
I recommended everyone to join Hashing Ad Space.

Mateja V

With your Asimi
tokens you can:


  • Paid daily to you own wallet

  • No previous skills required

  • Proven with millions of payments

  • Earn where and when you choose

  • No contracts or fixed terms

  • One time setup - Earn for years

At Hashing Ad Space it’s simple.

As you mint new Asimi tokens into existence, you maintain control of your funds at all times in your private wallet. You get paid daily and for as long as you choose to mint. There are no contracts, no fixed terms. We give you complete control.
Take a beneficial step into the world of digital currencies by earning them with Hashing Ad Space!


How do you qualify for Asimi minting?

Our unique “Asimi Ownership” qualification model lets you grow your earnings based on your Asimi ownership.

The more Asimi you own in your private wallet, the more ads you can mint, and the more you can earn every day! Own 100+ Asimi to qualify for minting. You maintain complete control of your funds at all times.


You can start
minting Asimi today!

Join the Asimi minters getting paid daily to create Asimi tokens! Set up one time and earn for as long as you choose to build your crypto! Earn every day, all while maintaining control of your funds at all times.


Create tokens every day