About Hashing Ad Space

Built to help people succeed in online business.

Why Hashing Ad Space

We set out building an ecosystem that offered simple, free income generation for members, all surrounding one of the most valuable products online, advertising. Since then Hashing Ad Space has grown rapidly reaching the top 8,000 most visited websites worldwide, approaching 1 Billion ad views delivered, millions of tokens earned, and on a mission to 1,000,000 members. We have done so by simultaneously providing access to effective advertising for businesses and reliable daily income for members completing simple tasks.
Read the Hashing Ad Space concept below for full details.




Deliver a thriving decentralized economy that empowers individuals around the world to reach their online business goals and build a better life for themselves.




Honesty, reliability, trust, transparency and work ethic are the values Hashing Ad Space and Asimi are built upon. Our commitment to our customers is delivered through continued innovation to shape a diverse and powerful marketplace.

The Hashing Ad Space concept.

A Transfer of Value Between Advertisers and Ad Viewers.

The concept of Hashing Ad Space and Asimi began after observing two growing demands in the world marketplace today:
1. Access to low-cost advertising targeted for online businesses.
2. A free, sustainable and simple way to earn income online.

For the entire concept to work, we needed to create a new token – Asimi.
By creating and using Asimi tokens, we are able to recognise the value of the Ad Viewer and qualify that value with compensation.
We aimed to match Advertisers wishing to promote their online businesses directly with people interested in the services they offer. With the innovation of blockchain technology over the past decade, the ability to provide a solution that builds and active and engaged audience for advertisers while simultaneously an income opportunity that allows anyone to earn online was made possible.

Advertising Done Differently.

In a typical advertising system such as Facebook or Google, ad Viewers receive nothing for the value they bring to the equation. We set out to change that. To create a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties.

A transfer of value from Advertiser to Ad Viewer.

Ad viewers receive immediate compensation for viewing an ad. Advertisers acquire Asimi tokens to pay for their ad campaigns, which creates true demand for Asimi on the exchange, providing value to the tokens viewers are earning.

A transfer of value from the Ad Viewer to Advertiser.

With a popular income opportunity, we quickly built and an engaged audience that advertisers can immediately access. This audience provides tremendous value for advertisers, allowing them to display their ads and website directly to a "pre-qualified" global audience saving them the time, expense, and expertise of audience/list building for their business offer.

"Asimi Ad Minting" is how we did it.

Modelled from the Bitcoin inflation schedule, we created a minting schedule for Asimi tokens to be created daily and introduced into circulating supply through the process of minting (viewing) advertisements.

The Asimi Token Circulation and Minting Concept.

At the core of the Hashing Ad Space and Asimi concept is "Asimi Ad Minting". Ad minting the reason Asimi is necessary for the successful operation of the Hashing Ad Space ecosystem.

There was no pre-sale for Asimi tokens, nor does the company sell Asimi tokens directly to members. Instead, Asimi ad minting is the addition of new tokens to circulating supply for the community to use. With circulating supply starting at 0, a pre-defined minting schedule of 17,438 tokens are awarded to Ad minters each day based on the number of ads they mint. The minting schedule halves every 4 years to reach a maximum supply of 67 Million Asimi tokens that will ever be issued.

"Ad Minting" Asimi creates a sustainable ad viewing reward system.
Regardless of the variable highs and lows in ad sales, token exchange rate, or the number of users, the Asimi minting schedule remains constant.
This is designed to create the reliability of earnings for ad minters and provide confidence in their ability to earn for an extended period of time. This understanding that Asimi tokens will always be available to earn as per the minting schedule creates a loyal viewing audience and in turn, advertising product to sell. Asimi ad minting earnings are decentralised with minting earning paid directly to minters personal wallets each day.

Advertising Concept

By its nature, earning Asimi attracts people with similar interests.
People that are interested in online business, making money from home, and cryptocurrency.

This knowledge is valuable to the advertiser who can precisely target campaigns to our audience, providing them with a simplified way to get guaranteed exposure to their website or banners.

The advertising concept includes Banners, Surveys, Games and full-page ad views.
Asimi minting is completed with full-page ad views. A direct view of an advertisers website URL of their choice.
The viewer must watch the ad for a minimum of 7 seconds to complete the ad view at which time the view is complete and Asimi minting credit awarded to the viewer.

Advertising rules prohibit scam, spam, pron, hate, race, political, drugs, unethical, racist, anti-social, anything we deem to be offensive.

Simplifying the advertiser's campaign setup, and including a guaranteed retention time helps increase viewer engagement and conversions for advertisers.

Asimi Minter Ad Viewing Pre-qualification

To qualify for minting, an Asimi minter must personally own greater than 100 Asimi tokens.

By qualifying the viewing audience via this Asimi ownership, the Ad minter advertising product becomes more valuable, with advertisers knowing 100% of the viewing audience are a qualified "action takers list".

Asimi ownership verification creates exclusivity for minting. It manages the number of global users that will mint (prepared to own greater than 100 tokens) which helps ensure a higher level of compensation of the users that do own/mint, while also provides a far higher ad view value for advertisers.

The quantity of Ads a minter can mint is determined by the quantity of Asimi a minter owns, the more Asimi they own, the more Asimi they can mint. Minters own their Asimi in their own independent wallets.
No income is generated for owning Asimi itself.
Only through working via ad views are minters rewarded.
This effort driven function is created to guarantee ad view delivery.

It also helps ensure regulatory compliance as minters are only rewarded for the effort of watching ads, not holding or owning tokens.

Building True Demand for Asimi

Already proven to generate millions of Asimi token worth of ad sales, Asimi's true value is found through a viable and popular product (advertising). Demand for the Asimi token comes from advertising sales and other products and services which trade/use Asimi.

Asimi Earners Effect:
An Asimi earner or Ad minter that obtains tokens completing tasks or via an exchange has the goal of realising a profit. Even if a person holds their tokens for the benefit of Minting more Asimi, that same person is likely to sell the tokens at a later date, assessing their involvements failure or success upon their converted profits. Therefore, net market forces from Asimi earners and Asimi minters create negative pressure on price over the life of the earner/minter - taking into consideration earned Asimi, held Asimi, and any inflationary tokens the minter may have obtained via minting ads.

True Value for Asimi:
True value for Asimi is achieved from external token purchases where the purchaser receives value in a different form than financial value. Our initial concept for this was advertising products, which has since expanded into other products and services including games apps, surveys and additional products, that said, in the case of advertising, advertisers obtain and use Asimi tokens for advertising their business. This process is not Asimi profit-driven and does not rely on the Asimi price. An advertiser that acquires Asimi with the motive of advertising, receives value from the ad views to their website irrespective of Asimi token value. This process creates a true demand for Asimi tokens.
Understanding participant motivations, it is imperative that our focus is, and always remains on products and services that Asimi can provide the marketplace, outside of the earnings and minting function.

Differentiation from online scams

With the many scam tokens and scam websites in existence, we have taken the following steps to clearly distinguish ourselves apart and ensure Asimi's longevity and compliance.

1. Issue the Asimi token for free via ad minting and do not allow token sales from the company at any stage. Users can only earn Asimi tokens via free task completion, or independently exchange Asimi for other tokens via an exchange of their choice.

2. Follow a mathematically sound business model.
Our Asimi Minting schedule is pre-allocated and ensures all tokens are always available. Any and all earnings and account balances for users are liquid and available at all times. By Holding 100%+ Asimi tokens allocated to members accounts at all times, Hashing Ad Space is capable of immediate refundability or total earning payouts. This completely removes any risk of "bank run" style issue or online scam HYIP collapse.

3. A token with true product use.
The advertising use case for Asimi provides Asimi with a true market value based on actual demand for a sought after product. With millions of Asimi already being used for advertising, Asimi will have real value as we continue to grow product sales and ad view deliveries.

4. Security measures in place to protect members account earnings.
All tokens are held securely off the server and can always be issued to members individual wallets via external means in the event of any unforeseen website issues.
Even in the event of hashingsdspace.com downtime or hacking, this ensures members Asimi balances can be issued to Asimi owners.

5. Ethically promote Asimi with the absence of hype or income projections to allow users to make the decisions that are right for them, including a strong disclaimer and focus on mandatory terms and conditions for all minting, earnings and advertising purchases.

6. Allow free trading of the Asimi market without intervention to ensure legal compliance and a fair Asimi token price based entirely on market participants supply and demand.

7. Follow token regulatory guidelines and KYC guidelines to ensure legal compliance and that members are kept safe from other risks such as bad actors in the community.

8. Act with integrity and deliver on our business development strategy.

A community-driven economy

It is our goal to become almost fully decentralised and run by members.

In the years to come, we strive to continue progress toward a decentralised model, to allow more choice and freedom to the community. We will begin by growing our "Asimi Reputation" governance ranks, empower them to make decisions and continue until the community becomes self-governing.

It may include offering incentives for performing specific tasks outside of ad views, such as community support, advertising compliance checks, server expenses, etc.

Hashing Ad Space is intended as a service for members.

Hashing Ad Space company is not designed to earn a profit; instead, Hashing Ad Space company revenue is recycled into development, advancements and management of the website.

In 2021 Hashing Ad Space has taken the first of many significant steps toward decentralisation of earnings. Asimi minters can earn directly to their external wallet every day.

In Conclusion.

Our concept was to introduce a new way to transfer value between advertisers and viewing audiences. A symbiotic platform that creates an audience, a product, and a viable token economy all at the same time.
The function of minting tokens as rewards ensures continuous earnings that promote loyalty and reliability in ad viewing activity and simplicity in advertising. Free income allows anyone to participate. Decentralised functions create user confidence and allow the community to drive the business, ultimately reducing control from admin operators and allowing for a community-driven advertising/income business successfully operating for decades to come.