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How it works

It's simple... we have created a growing audience of 497824+ people and we show your website or banner ads directly to them.

Our unique advertising model
allows you to simply add your website link and we do the rest, delivering thousands of views from real people to your website.

You know how great your offer is, it's time to show it to all of our members.

Proven Buyers List
Proven Buyers List
No tech skills needed
Grow leads and sales

You're just 3 simple steps away from leads and sales...

In less than 10 minutes you could have your campaign setup and
thousands of eager buyers looking at your website making your advertising easy.

Our Advertising Products

Attention-grabbing advertising options to suit all budgets.
Setup and sit back while we deliver real views to your banners/website and business.

Login ads

Member Login Ads

Our most popular product for good reason, the Login Ad offers exclusive views of only your website shown to the thousands of people that login to the Hashing Ad Space members area for an entire 24 hour period! Act fast, this product is frequently sold out!

  • Full webpage ad view
  • All login members for 24 hour period
  • Variable pricing based on calendar
  • Fast, High volume traffic
  • A/B testing

Ad minter ads


Have your website seen by only our most qualified, proven "action takers". The Ad Minter audience is pre-qualified by us, to ensure they are, active in the crypto industry right now, already own crypto, have a crypto wallet, and the means to buy and sell crypto.

  • Exclusively action takers list
  • Great for crypto related offers
  • Starting as low as $20
  • Perfect for continuous lead generation
  • Geo-targeting options

View to Earn Ads

Paid Ads (low cost)

As an advertiser, we give you complete control. You set the price you are willing to pay per view of your website. As a result, you can have thousands of real viewers immediately browsing your website.

  • Full webpage ad view
  • Choose your own pricing
  • Starting as low as 50c for 1000 views
  • High volume traffic
  • Geo targetting options

Banners Ads

Banner Ads

We display banner ads on all pages of our website. Delivering over 10 million impressions per week, you can be assured to get maximum exposure at a low cost. Choose from square or rectangle banners shown on many of our member's area pages.

  • Seen by all members
  • 125x125 or 468x60 sizes
  • Starting as low as $20
  • Great for ongoing exposure
  • Geo targetting options

Premium banners

Premium banners

Claim the top positions with Premium Banner. Our premium banner locations offer highly exclusive and attention-grabbing positions seen by all members. This subscription-based product makes it easy to continuous leads and sales

  • Top locations
  • Unlimited impressions
  • Monthly subscription
  • High volume, low-cost traffic
  • Credit Card purchase option

Package deals

All-in-one deals

Use a combination of all products to reach all of our members with our package deals.
Package deals include; Banner ads, Ad minter ads, Login ads and View to earn ads, all in one convenient and highly discounted package.

  • Use all products
  • Up to 35% discount
  • $500 and $1000 package deals
  • Millions of impressions for your business.
  • Highly effective

YouTube Advertising

New advertising opportunity for creators

Get views to you YouTube channel by showcasing it to our community.

What our advertisers say

Lead generation goldmine! Yesterday I generated 288 leads with this traffic source. Today, alreadyt 117 leads generated and counting... the FOURTUNE is in the data base


"Dude we got over 2000 optins and 1000 long form questionare leads!


"Yesterday we had our fisrt login ad promoted and the success was much, much greater than expected. 172 new partners and 83 became active in only one day! Thank you Hashing Ad Space (I earned around $3200)


Today I started a banner campaign (1 125x125 and 1 648x60) After 2 hours, 39 clciks, 16 tragtted leads 40% conversion. AMAZING


  • Home-based business offers

  • Cryptocurrency offers/services

  • Affiliate offers

  • Online game app/offers

  • Marketing Tools and Resources

  • New online business/app start-ups

Gain access to the traffic source marketers use.

We target specific industries and this knowledge is what makes our advertising superior to others.
If you have an offer within the list of high converting offers, you are going to love Hashing Ad Space. By its nature, we attract people with common interests providing a responsive audience of already interested people.
Your search for the perfect lead generation source is over! Built by marketers, for marketers.

Global or local, the choice is yours with our smart targeting options.

By assigning targeting options to your campaigns using our geographical and language targetting options, you can enjoy specific leads from individual counties and even specific languages and make sure your ads are seen by the most reactive audience for your offer.

  • Individual country targeting

  • Country group targeting

  • Target specific languages


Why we are better than the competition

"The money is in the list" and Hashing Ad Space imeediatley allows you to access a pre-built list using our system.
You can easily build awareness to your offer without the time, expense, and expertise of running campaigns in Facebook or Google. A simple set and forget lead source that is proving to get results for advertisers.

"Hashing Ad Space's direct targeting of the home-based business and cryptocurrency niche means you save the time and expense of finding and educating people. That's all done for you. All you have to do is show them what you have. It is perfect for growing leads and sales for online based businesses."

Hassan Bawab - Hashing Ad Space CEO

A simple solution for generating online traffic at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Common advertising questions

  • Our members will see your ads as they navigate and use Hashing Ad Space. This includes people interested in earning from home, people interested in cryptocurrency, affiliates/marketers, and other advertisers just like you.

  • Yes, we are serious about anti-fraud click protection. We include human authentication puzzles and set limits for ad views to ensure our clicks are high quality, from real people.

  • We offer two primary types of Ads, Full page ad views of your website, and banner ad views that are displayed around our site.

    Our product list includes: Login Ads (seen by members when they log in) Banner Ads (displayed around the site) Ad Minter Ads (Seen by members as they mint Asimi each day)V2E (View To Earn) ads. (Ads members earn by watching) We also offer two complete advertising packages that include all of the above for one discounted price.

  • No. Advertising with Hashing Ad Space is simple. If you have an offer/website, simply add your link, and we will show it to our members for "set and forget" leads and sales.

  • Yes. You can select our geographical targetting to ensure your ads are only seen by the specific people you choose. For example, pick any country such as the USA or Australia, or choose country groups like North America or Europe etc. You can also target specific languages such as English or Spanish, or choose a combination of particular countries and languages. "I would like only people from Europe that speak English" for instance. You will see the estimated amount of people you can reach based on your settings in the campaign setup.

  • Think of it as a gateway ad. When a member of Hashing Ad Space logs in to access their member's pages, in-between clicking on "log in" and seeing their dashboard, we display the login ad (your website) The login ad has a minimum 15-second countdown timer to ensure the members have time to read your website, and if interested, they can interact directly with your site or open it in a new tab to come back and visit your website again later.

  • No, there is no incentive for people to see/click on your banners or the primary login ad.

  • No. There is no incentive at all to click on banners.

  • Purchase an advertising product, submit your website URL, and we do the rest, delivering thousands of views to your ads and website! To get started, if you haven't already, first, create your free advertising account, which will give you access to your campaign setup and statistics. You can purchase advertising from within your account.

  • Yes, you can access all services from your member's area by selecting between "Earning" or "Advertising" Dashboards.

  • We highly recommend you create a quick advertiser member account; this will allow you to access all of your advertising analytics and manage your campaigns.

  • Asimi is the native token that we use for a rewards system for ad viewers, Asimi was created for this exact purpose, keeping the cost of your advertising low, while the value for the views is high. Asimi creates a win-win outcome for both advertisers and ad viewers.

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