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Asimi Token Statistics

The Asimi Economy:

Asimi is a value based utility token that provides a breakthrough solution to the online advertising and home based business niche.​​

Used for the purchase of online advertising products daily, Asimi's utility is growing and ongoing. Ad viewers can then earn the tokens for their time viewing the advertiser's ads.

With circulating supply starting at zero, Asimi did not have an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). We did not sell Asimi or use Asimi as a fundraising tool like most tokens.

Instead, the Asimi ecosystem has been built on merit as motivated users can mint the token via our unique minting proposition of viewing advertisements.

If people wish to buy Asimi, they can acquire Asimi on the same exchange, purchasing them from sellers.

As minters obtain tokens, they are free to use, hold or sell them on the Waves exchange with no restrictions.

When Advertisers wish to buy Asimi, they can acquire Asimi on the same exchange, purchasing them from sellers.

The result is a marketplace that brings advertisers, viewers, buyers and sellers to one location.

We have created a fully functioning token economy.

Asimi Circulating Supply:

Circulating supply represents the amount of Asimi in the marketplace that can be used. This includes the Asimi that have been minted, new minting commissions earned, and admin or contractor allocations paid to date.

The remaining Asimi are held in escrow and distributed as they are minted into circulating supply, or earned.

You can see a breakdown of the total Asimi currently in circulating supply, the percentage that represents and you can continue to track the progress in the charts on this page.

Burning Asimi:

Burning cryptographic tokens is by design a way to intentionally decrease circulating supply.

Tokens that have been burned are permanently removed and cannot be used again.

This can have the positive effect in the market of making all remaining tokens more valuable.

That's exactly what we are doing with Asimi as we burn Asimi every week based on the amount received via our popular Login Ad Day advertising product that has sold out every day since its launch.

We burn 90% of our login ad sales revenue!

We have designed it that way to benefit our community over the long term as this ongoing burn will continue to increase as our company grows and advertising becomes more valuable.