The Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Minting Asimi Tokens.

The excitement around the launch of the Hashing Ad Space decentralized crypto minting has many new people wanting to learn more and get started. This comprehensive beginner guide to Asimi Minting explains in-depth, Minting, how Asimi Minting works, how to get set up, and how you can start getting paid to your own personal wallet.

Below you will learn all about Asimi Token Minting and how you can get crypto paid directly to your wallet every day.



By following this beginner's guide to Minting Asimi Crypto tokens, you can earn income that is paid securely to your own personal wallet every day for completing the simple task of viewing advertisements (minting ads).



We will cover all aspects of Minting Asimi to give you a greater understanding as well as specific setup instructions.


We will cover: 

  • What is crypto "minting" ?
  • What you need to start minting Asimi.
  • What you can do with Asimi tokens when you own them.
  • How much you can earn Minting Asimi tokens.
  • How you get paid. 
  • How to set up your Asimi minting.
  • How to Get paid Directly To Your personal wallet.


Let’s get started!


What is crypto "minting"?


To understand Minting, it's best to understand where the terms “Mining” and “Minting” in crypto originate.  Mining and Minting crypto are analogous to real-world Mining and Minting of resources such as precious metals. 

“Mining”,  is designed to simulate mining metal that uses significant resources and also becomes more scarce with time. Like Mining gold,  with more of the Gold already mined the difficulties to obtain it increases. Mining Crypto simulates this with computing power and lowering the inflation rate (newly created crypto coins). Miners contribute to the network by operating computers that process transactions and solve computing issues, competing with others to “mine the block” and be awarded the crypto. With BTC, this has become highly competitive.
(See image of BTC mining farm)



“Minting” crypto is the way many projects add tokens into circulation for people to trade and use. Similar to the “minting” of physical coins that people can use as trade within circulation, the minting of crypto is a term often used for the distribution of crypto to the public.

Minting crypto requires fewer resources (If any) and very little technical expertise by the recipient compared with the expertise required for mining.

Often, Mining is performed on the native blockchain, while minting is performed with tokens built on that blockchain. 

An example, You can Mine Ethereum, and Mint some ERC20 tokens (tokens built on the Ethereum network) 

You can mine Waves Tokens, and Mint Asimi tokens (a token built on the Waves network)


With the resources and technical expertise covered by the native blockchain, projects have some flexibility in how tokens are released into circulation. In the case of Asimi, it is done via viewing advertising. This makes Asimi an attention token that are minted for Attention. Each day, a set amount of Asimi is minted into the hands of people that complete the ad minting task.



Minting with Hashing Ad Space. 

At the core of the Hashing Ad Space and Asimi concept is "Asimi Ad Minting". Ad Minting is the reason Asimi is necessary for the successful operation of the  ecosystem and minted exclusively via Hashing Ad Space 

There was no pre-sale for Asimi tokens, nor does Hashing Ad Space sell Asimi tokens directly to members. Instead, Asimi Ad Minting is the addition of new tokens to circulating supply for the community to use. With circulating supply starting at 0, a pre-defined minting schedule of 17,438 tokens are awarded to Ad minters each day based on the number of ads they mint. The minting schedule halves every 4 years to reach a maximum supply of 67 Million Asimi tokens that will ever be issued.


"Ad Minting" Asimi creates a sustainable ad viewing reward system. This is designed to create the reliability of earnings for ad minters and provide confidence in their ability to earn for an extended period of time. This understanding that Asimi tokens will always be available to earn as per the minting schedule creates a loyal viewing audience and in turn, advertising products to sell. Asimi ad minting earnings are decentralized with minting earnings paid directly to minters personal wallets each day.

Asimi Minting Qualification. 


Minters are qualified to mint in 2 ways. 


  1. By owning Asimi in their wallet (This sets the minters ad minting limit)


  1. By minting ads in the Ad Minter (Verified work viewing the ads)


Asimi minters are pre-qualified by owning Asimi.

To be eligible to mint Asimi tokens, you must own Asimi tokens in your own personal wallet (external to Hashing Ad Space)


Once you own Asimi tokens in your personal waves wallet, this will set how many ads you can mint per day.

 The more Asimi you own, the more ads you can mint, and the more newly minted Asimi you will earn. 

This Asimi ownership qualifies you to gain access to the ad minting area, exclusive to "Asimi Minters"

This Asimi ownership qualification process ensures fair distribution of Asimi minted tokens to those people that support the network. It also makes the Ad Minter advertising product highly sought after and effective for advertisers providing insight into the viewing audience, being active action takers who already own crypto. This demand for Asimi to purchase the advertising using the tokens also gives value to the Asimi token itself.

You can read more about Asimi minting in the Asimi whitepaper found here



What you can do with Asimi Tokens once you own them.


Here are 4 examples of what you can do with the Asimi tokens you earn.


a. Asimi tokens are traded on exchanges. You can exchange them for other coins such as BTC, ETH, WAVES, and others, and convert that into your local currency should you choose to do so. You can find Asimi on the Waves Exchange, as well as HitBTC.


b. You can keep your tokens in your Waves wallet to qualify for ad minting at Hashing Ad Space to create more Asimi, which you can also keep to mint even more. 


c. You can use them within Hashing Ad Space to purchase advertising or other products offered at Hashing Ad Space.


d. You can use Asimi tokens for other products that accept Asimi such as the Funnel Bundle website builder and others.

All of the Asimi you mint is yours to use as you like and it is paid directly to your own Waves wallet providing you with complete control of your tokens at all times.


How much can be earned by minting Asimi Tokens?


Your daily minting payment is determined by successfully completing your ad minting for the day. ("Qualified" for earnings) set by how much Asimi you already own.

The minting formula is as follows.

(Totals based on Qualified Minters)


AOP = (AO/CwO) x 100

ME = AOP x MsP


  • Asimi Ownership Percentage: AOP

  • Asimi Ownership: AO

  • Company-wide Ownership: CwO

  • Minting Earnings: ME

  • Minting schedule payment: MsP


The amount of Asimi you own (AO) in your verified Minting Wallet compared to all other Asimi minters AO combined value.

When you successfully mint for the day, you will be included in the MsP for that day.

Your Asimi minting earnings will be paid directly to your verified minting wallet. 


How you get paid


Minting earnings are automatically paid directly to the verified minting wallet that you have assigned. Providing you mint your ads, you will earn Asimi and it will be paid into your designated Waves wallet daily.



We cover step-by-step how you can create your free Waves wallet, and connect it to receive your daily earnings below. 

How to set up your Asimi Minting


Now that we have covered the what and why, let's cover how you can get set up and minting!



What do you need to start minting Asimi? 


  1. A Hashing Ad Space account (this is where you will mint the ads)


  1. A Waves Exchange wallet (this is where you will get paid) with a minimum 100 Asimi tokens and some Waves token to cover fees. 

  2. 1-10 Minutes per day to mint the ads.


We have a video that will help you with the steps to get set up so you can mint Asimi and receive it to your Waves wallet every single day.  Watch that video here. 




You can also follow the steps below:

1.  Create your Hashing Ad Space account.

If you haven't already, the first thing you will need to do is register an account in Hashing Ad Space.  This will also give you access to other benefits of Hashing Ad Space, as well as allow you to access the Ad Minter.


To register an account all you need is an internet connection and an email account.  You can directly register here. 


Or you can follow the instructions here


Note: If you have been invited to Hashing Ad Space by someone, be sure to ask them for their affiliate link before registering.

2.  Setup your Waves Wallet. 

Next, you will need an account in the Waves Exchange, 

This is where you will own your Asimi tokens to qualify for minting, and receive the direct minting payments for newly minted Asimi you earn each day.

Waves exchange also allows you to buy,  sell and trade Asimi. 

If you are new to the  Waves Exchange, Follow each step below to get set up in Waves


Open your wallet account

Follow the instruction here to get your Waves account all set up.


Follow the instructions here to pin Asimi in your Waves Exchange account if you are using a computer.  If you are only using mobile you will not see the Asimi wallet until you have Asimi in your account.


Important, use the instructions here to find your Asimi address in your Waves exchange account.  This is the wallet address you will verify for minting.


3.  Adding crypto into your Waves wallet. 


You will need Asimi tokens and Waves tokens to finish the wallet setup. 


Asimi tokens: 

Your Asimi tokens will qualify you for minting.

If you already have Asimi tokens in Hashing Ad Space, you can withdraw them to your Waves wallet by following the instructions in this article 

You will need a minimum of 100 Asimi to begin minting. 
NOTE: It does not cost any Asimi to mint.

This Asimi remains yours and Under your control.. The Asimi simply needs to be held in your Waves Exchange wallet for as long as you choose to mint.

If you do not have any Asimi, The instructions below will help you to acquire Asimi in various ways.


Follow the instructions here to see how to deposit BTC into Waves Exchange from another wallet. This will enable you to purchase Waves and Asimi in Waves Exchange. (note: you will need to purchase Waves first for transaction fees). Warning: do not deposit less than 0.001 BTC to Waves Exchange.


How to purchase BTC with a credit card. Watch the video here.


How to purchase Asimi with a credit card, watch the video:


Once you have BTC (or ETH or LTC)  in your Waves account you next will need to purchase Waves tokens for transaction fees.


Use either of the instructions below to purchase 1 Waves token with BTC.


Follow this written article: How to Buy 1 Waves Token Or use the instructions in this video


Now that you have BTC and or Waves,  Watch this video for instructions to trade Asimi for the first time.

Note: Waves Tokens are used to cover any fees and enable your direct minting payments. 


We recommend that you have a minimum of 0.1 Waves. ($1 at the time of writing)  You can purchase Waves in Waves Exchange with BTC,  ETH, or  LTC or your Credit Card. You may also choose to purchase Waves in another exchange and transfer to Waves Exchange.

Great work! Now you have both Waves and Asimi in your Waves Exchange account, you are ready to get set up for minting! 


Connecting your Waves wallet with Hashing Ad Space


Let’s get all set up to Mint Asimi!

STEP 1: Log in to your Hashing Ad Space account and navigate to Minting Dashboard:



Start by Connecting your Asimi minting wallet. 

 You will need to add your wallet address to your profile as your Minting Wallet.

Doing this will allow the system to confirm your wallet balance and send you the automated minting profits. 



Follow the instructions here to add your minting wallet. 


Note:  Yoru wallet must be verified, the next step will verify your wallet as well as add Waves tokens for fees to get paid.


STEP 2: Adding Waves fees for automatic payments.

By adding your Waves Fees balance, you will receive automated earnings directly to your wallet each day. This “Top Up” also verifies your wallet address to ensure you are connected. 

Note: You must send your waves Fee Top Up from the same wallet address you added above in step 1. 

Be sure to keep your Waves topped up so you can receive your newly minted Asimi.

NOTE: This fee covers the expenses associated with sending the earnings to your wallet every day. Hashing Ad Space only charges the actual fees required by Waves for this (0.001 Waves/day). Be sure to keep your Waves topped up so you can receive your newly minted Asimi.



Follow the tutorial here to add Waves to your minting account, this will also verify your wallet.


STEP 3: Activate your minting. 


After you’ve gone through STEPS 1 through 3, please turn your minting status to ON on your minting dashboard, and please allow up to 48 hours until you’re able to view ads and start minting.


NOTE: You will need at least 100 Asimi in your minting wallet to be able to start minting.

 Timeframes: A total of approximately 48 hours will pass after you verify your wallet and add waves until you can begin minting.


24 hours after you see your Wallet Balance showing on your Minting Dashboard, the system will calculate your "Ad Minting Limit"  You can see that on your Minting Dashboard in the section labeled "Minting" near the top of your Minting Dashboard.


Daily Minting

Now that your account is connected, it's time to start minting and Get Paid Directly to Your Wallet Every Single Day!

Login in to your Hashing Ad Space account.

To begin your daily minting, navigate to the minting dashboard. Click on the button labeled “Dashboards” and in the drop-down menu choose “Minting Dashboard”


Watch this video to help you understand the Minting Dashboard

On your Dashboard take note that you have minting turned on and that you have been assigned a number of ads to mint for that day. 
You can see in the image below this account has a limit of 7 ads to mint, and has so far watched 0 out of those 7.

Click on “Start Minting”



View each ad for the 7-second countdown


After an ad has completed the 7 seconds, click on the button labeled “Complete Ad Mint” Then click the button labeled “Next Ad”


View each ad for the full 7 seconds, once you have completed all of your allotted ads you will see this message:



Congratulations! You will now get paid!

  You will be paid directly to your Waves Wallet the following day after minting. (Directly to the wallet you have set up as your Verified Minting Wallet). You will be paid every day you mint! 

Check your wallet transactions in your Waves Exchange Minting Wallet. 

You can also check your earnings on your Minting Dashboard.

Scroll down to “Minting History”  You will see each day how many Asimi you earned 


If you miss a day of course there will be no payment such as the one missing in the example below on April 15, 2021


You are now set up and have earned your first Asimi from minting!

 You can continue minting for as long as you choose. 

As you mint more, you can continue to increase your income, and remember, the more Asimi you have in your wallet, the more ads you can mint and the more Asimi you will earn. 

Asimi minting provides exceptional flexibility and control to minters allowing you to have your Asimi in your wallet, under your control at all times. We are excited to have you as an Asimi minter!


If you have any questions regarding the minting setup or daily minting, please contact our support departments. 

Thanks again for your interest in Asimi minting. We look forward to meeting you within our community.


Maximize your online business success with Hashing Ad Space! 











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