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How Hashing Ad Space works

We sell advertising space on our website and we transfer the crypto revenue directly into the hands of people viewing ads. It is a real and simple way to earn income from home that millions of online users are searching for.

Firstly; We sell advertising. Advertisers can buy advertising products and get views of their ads/surveys/website/games. (You can learn more about our Advertising Products here) Secondly; We then display the ads for people to view. Anyone can watch ads, complete surveys, play games, and for that, they get paid.

This has created a functioning marketplace that brings advertisers, viewers, buyers and sellers to one location. The result; A reliable business that allows you to start earning income from home. Hashing Ad Space opens the door for anyone to easily become involved in the incredible opportunity cryptocurrency offers the world today. With no experience necessary, and no payment required, you can earn from home. You watch ads... you get paid.


Get paid to browse ads

Select from the list of advertisers advertisements to earn instant income! You will earn immediately on the completion of the ad view, plus go in the draw for daily prizes.

It's a simple transfer of value. Advertisers pay for their ad to be viewed, and we transfer the income into your hands. Create an extra income for yourself viewing from anywhere, at any time. Watch ads, get paid.

Interested in advertising with us? Learn more here

Get paid to complete surveys

The online survey market is thriving and you can earn real income simply answering questions. Select from the list of surveys and earn the displayed value. There is no limit to the number of surveys you can complete each day to put income in your pocket.


Get paid to play games

Play, have fun, challenge yourself, and earn crypto! The Asimi games are evolving, and each game has different earning options. You can play to win the game, play to earn completing tasks, win leaderboard prizes and more. Earn while having fun... It doesn't get much better than that!


Mint new Asimi crypto tokens

Create new Asimi tokens into the marketplace and get paid directly to your own wallet! Minting is the most profitable earning system at Hashing Ad Space.
Watch ads in the "Ad Minter" and you will mint new crypto into existence. Any Asimi tokens you mint are yours to keep and paid directly into your own personal crypto-wallet each day.

We've been successfully minting for 1188 days! Last week's average Asimi minter earned 537.8439 Asimi for minting just 51 ads! The top Asimi minter earned a huge 18103.0365 ($199.07) last week.

What people say

"Love how you can get your business set up and running earning your first crypto money that same day. I have already started earning and looking forward to growing this new and exciting crypto business"

Neil T

"Thanks to Hashing Ad Space i've paid off my credit card, my bank balance is looking great and ill be debt free within a couple of months"

Grant A

"I paid my tuition fee this quater with the earning I made at Hashing Ad Space. I will finish my school with the healp of Hashing Ad Space"


Join the digital revolution

We have helped thousands of people take a beneficial step into the world of digital currencies. We operate exclusively with Asimi tokens that are purpose-built for earning income and advertising from home. Keep and use the Asimi tokens that you earn, or easily convert them into other coins such as Bitcoin.
We offer the best place in the world to earn crypto for free.
Learn more about Asimi tokens here


Registered members worldwide

With no experience necessary you can join the growing community of members topping up their weekly income.


Share and get paid

Share Hashing Ad Space with your friends and when they earn, you earn too!
We offer the best win-win affiliate program in the industry. We will pay you 10% commissions of everything your referrals earn. That includes when they earn: completing surveys, watching ads, minting Asimi tokens and playing games! When they earn, you earn, for life, all for free!

Join the 42,345 affiliates earning commissions

  • 100% free to join and get paid

  • No previous skills required

  • Unlimited earning potential

  • Earn where and when you choose to

  • Proven with millions of successful payments

  • Build income and a better life

Why is Hashing Ad Space the best?

As the first-ever ad minting system, we lead the way as a complete and successful attention token ecosystem. With integrity at the core of everything we do, we strive to share the wealth around the globe by offering a true work from home solution that puts money in the pockets of our members. There is no better place to earn crypto for free online.

We are on a mission to help 1 million people around the world earn extra income from home. It would be great if you are one of them!

Common questions

  • Yes. In fact, you can register and earn your first Asimi tokens within minutes.
    Watch ads, get paid. It's that simple.

  • Asimi is a crypto utility token specifically designed for online advertising and attention-based income rewards. Asimi tokens are freely traded on exchanges where you can Buy, Sell or Trade Asimi for other Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Asimi is the perfect token for people earn crypto online. It is already owned by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. You can read more about Asimi here.

  • There is no limit to your earnings.

    Your individual rewards are a direct result of your contribution and use of the Hashing Ad Space network through;

    • - Viewing ads,
    • - Minting Asimi tokens,
    • - Completing Surveys,
    • - Playing games,
    • - Sharing this idea with others.

    You can do just one, or all of the above. That's up to you. The more you do, the more you will earn!

  • The paid ads section is simple. Advertisers have placed their ads on the Ad Selection Board with a price they are willing to pay per ad view. If you watch the ad, you earn the exact displayed Asimi tokens value next to the ad. You get paid immediately. You can also get included in the daily prize raffle draw to win big prizes that get paid to lucky winners every day!

  • Yes. Play, have fun, challenge yourself, and earn! The Asimi games are evolving, and each game will have different earning options. You can play to; win the game, earn completing tasks, win leaderboard prizes and more. Log in to Hashing Ad Space and click on the link to the games section for more details on how to play and earn.

  • Minting is the creation of new Asimi tokens. New Asimi tokens are created (minted) each day via ad views on Hashing Ad Space. "Minters" view ads each day and are rewarded with new Asimi tokens paid directly to their personal wallet. This process adds the tokens into the circulating supply.

  • You can earn simply answering questions. Our survey partners want to learn more about their topic or product releases and will pay you to complete the survey. The income of a survey is preassigned and by completing the survey you earn the displayed Asimi value. Our system will help find the best-suited surveys for you. You can complete as many surveys as are available on any day.

  • Advertisers. Our model is simple. We sell advertising, and we pay people to watch the ads. Your revenue comes from advertisers, survey holders, and other promotional partners that want exposure to their website and ad campaigns. Unlike other companies, we pass that revenue on to you.

  • Essentially yes. There is no Asimi cost to minting; simply if you own Asimi tokens, you can get access to the Ad Minter to mint new Asimi tokens. Asimi Minters are qualified to mint ads based on their Asimi ownership. Asimi minting Fee: To get paid automatically to your chosen wallet, you will be required to pay the small Waves transaction fee of 0.001 WAVES required by the Waves Blockchain

  • Minters receive newly minted Asimi tokens based on their ad views. The more ads you mint, the more you are rewarded. The more Asimi you hold, the more ads you will have available to mint each day. Your Asimi token minting earnings are paid directly to the wallet of your choice.

  • Your Daily Ad Minting limit is determined by how many Asimi tokens you own. The more Asimi you own in your personal Waves Exchange wallet, the more ads you can mint and the greater your Asimi earnings.

  • Yes, you can join for free. There is no cost to join Hashing Ad Space or start earning.

  • Hashing Ad Space keeps a small percentage of all purchases. This money is used for website functions and improvements, hosting, security, business costs (including employee wages), legal and any other 3rd party fees that allow us to continue to build the best online marketing advertising services imaginable now and into the coming years.

  • We plan to be the longest-running advertising/service that also offers considerable income rewards. We have been successfully operating since 2018 and are on a mission to 1 million members earn worldwide! With the Asimi earning minting schedule running for decades, our future is bright and extends for many years to come.

  • Yes. You can earn with confidence. We value integrity. Hashing Ad Space is built on economically sound principles that secure our member's income and rewards system for years to come. We have paid over 20+ Million tokens in income to hundreds of thousands of members for more than two years running... and we have never missed a day. You can find all of our company information within our terms and conditions.

  • You must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

  • That affiliate is in breach of our terms and conditions and risks closure of his/her affiliate account. This is in NO way an investment. You can watch ads, mint Asimi, complete surveys, play games and earn Asimi tokens in Hashing Ad Space for that effort, but we do not offer any investment products or services.

  • Yes, it's a great idea! We have something here for everyone. If you have 10 minutes a day and would like to see how simple it can be to earn cryptocurrency from home, for FREE... then, yes, get started. Try it out for yourself, and it is 100% free to join and earn. Hashing Ad Space is the best way to earn online.

  • Every day, within a 24-hour period, (see the clock in the member's area.)

  • Every day.

  • Yes, we offer one of the best win-win affiliate programs on the planet. Share the word about Hashing Ad Space and earn recurring commissions. How it works: As your referral earns, we pay you 10% of any earnings that your referral generates for themselves! Yes, they earn completing tasks such as watching ads or minting new Asimi tokens , and you earn a 10% commision too... All for FREE!

    Login to find more information on becoming a Hashing Ad Space Affiliate including the full details of our affiliate commissions and affiliate resources.

  • Asimi tokens are freely traded in the market.
    The Asimi tokens price is determined by buyers and sellers. You can see more details of Asimi statistics on our statistics page or direct pricing via an exchange Asimi is listed on such as Waves.Exchange or HitBTC. See live Asimi Token pricing here

  • Ad views range from 7-30 seconds each.

  • Yes. We offer a selection of powerful advertising products to promote your website or banners. See our advertiser section here for further details.

  • No. As long as you are an active member, you can earn and enjoy our services with no ongoing costs.

  • 1. Our top earners are Asimi minters. Minting Asimi is the #1 way to earn the most at Hashing Ad Space.

    2: Our affiliates, in particular, Affiliates that recommend our advertising and minting earn considerable rewards of up to 50% commissions on advertising packages. With advertising packages up to $5000, this can be a significant affiliate commissions income.

    3: A little of everything. The majority of our members use all of our services and earn in several ways. This adds up, and with time, you'll find you have earned a lot of crypto!

Start earning crypto today

With people earning over $100 a week in crypto just completing simple tasks... it's time for you to start getting paid too!

Join the 465.5K registered members who have earned over 21 Million Asimi tokens and start earning income for yourself today.


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