The New Hashing Ad Space Starter Packs Are A Big Hit!

Marking three years in business Hashing Ad Space introduced Starter Packs, which were very popular right from the launch.

The new Hashing Ad Space Starter Packs came in with a bang!  This new offering makes it easy to begin Advertising and even Minting more Asimi!  

The popularity of the launch helped to raise the value of Asimi to double what it was, and in fact, for a few days, the value was much higher than that. What a great addition to what Hashing Ad Space has to offer as they celebrate over 3 years in business!  Something to be proud of considering very few new Crypto Tokens last more than an average of 12-24 months.

One member took advantage of the Starter packages bonuses right away and purchased 4 Starter Pro Packs. For that he received:

160,000 views to his website, 4 Million impressions to his banners, 8 Login Ad days exclusive to him, 0.4 waves tokens, and 40,000 Asimi tokens!



Every business or affiliate marketer needs advertising! Hashing Ad Space has been delivering advertising traffic (over 1 million views per day) and paying minters crypto tokens every day for over 3 years running. The starter packages now help anyone get started and benefit from Hashing Ad Space.

All Starter Packages include:

- Full page "Ad Minter" Advertising

- Banner Advertising

- Bonus Waves Token donation (to cover any fees for exchange or minting)

- Bonus Asimi Tokens to do with as you choose

- Priority Support and set up of your account

There are 2 packages available. 



   -  2,000 Ad Minter Impressions

   -  20,000 Banner Ad Impressions

   -  0.1 Waves Token

   -  Bonus Asimi Tokens

   **Note: The number of Bonus Asimi included is subject to change. Check the checkout page for today's bonus. **


The introductory discounted purchase price is $42 a discount of 30% off the regular price of $60. 
Log into your Hashing Ad Space account, then click the following link to purchase the Starter Package Basic



   -  40,000 Ad Minter Impressions

   -  1,000,000 Banner Ad Impressions

   -  2 Exclusive Log In Ads

   -  0.1 Waves Token

   -  Bonus Asimi Tokens

**Note: The number of Bonus Asimi included is subject to change. Check the checkout page for today's bonus. **


The discounted introductory price for the Starter Package Pro is $295

which is 41% off of the regular price of $500.

To purchase the Starter Package Pro, log into your Hashing Ad Space Account and go to your Dashboard, then click on the following link.



How to purchase:

All Starter Packages can be purchased with 
Asimi in the Hashing Ad Space Account Balance, or use the option to purchase with BTC, ETH, WAVES, or LTC using the Coin Payments Gateway  (just follow the instructions on the purchase page)

The Exciting Part: 


Immediately after your purchase, you will receive your advertising impression ready to use in your account. You can then start advertising your website or banners today! 
You can show your ads to all members, individual countries or languages. 
With your included priority support, if you have any questions, reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

With your Bonus Asimi tokens, you can use that who you choose. Buy more advertising, withdraw, or simply continue to own that Asimi to qualify for asimi minting to mint more Asimi.
If you want to start Minting after purchasing a Starter Package and need help to get set up, or you need help setting up advertising, please contact support at:


  • You will find your Waves deposit shown on your minting dashboard ready for you to withdraw as a refund or for your use for minting fees.
  • There are no restrictions on what you can do with your bonus Asimi.
  • Packages pay 20% commissions to affiliates. (if you are not already an affiliate, it's time to become one!)
  • You can purchase packages using ASIMI, WAVES, ETH, BTC, LTC
  • Contact support with any questions. 

Hashing Ad Space Affiliates:

We have not forgotten you! Help share the word on what Hashing Ad Space offers and get lifetime commissions! The Starter Packages are an exciting new addition that also offers 20% paid to affiliates.

Established in late 2018, Hashing Ad Space set out to build an ecosystem that offered simple, free income generation for members.  All of this surrounding one of the most valuable products Online Advertising.  Since then, Hashing Ad Space has grown rapidly reaching the top 8,000 most visited websites worldwide, approaching 1 Billion ad views delivered, millions of tokens earned, and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 members from around the globe. As this was accomplished, they have done so while simultaneously providing effective advertising.  Businesses use Hashing Ad Space advertising to promote their offers, products, and websites to the pre-build audience and at the same time offer reliable daily income for the members by completing simple tasks.

Learn how you can get started with Hashing Ad Space to maximize your business success



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