People are getting paid daily direct to their wallet

The new Asimi minting system is working with great success. People are getting paid directly to their own wallet every day.

YES! We are proud to announce, our new Asimi minting system is live and working with great success! The new Asimi minting system is processing payments that are automatically being sent to minters personal wallets!

Over 600 people got paid directly to their wallet yesterday! NICE WORK!


If you are not setup, here is now:




You can set up your minting profile and get paid Asimi tokens

directly to your own wallet every day.


Yes Luke It's a very exciting upgrade!



Here's how to get started. 


1. Login here

2. Navigate to "Minting Dashboard"


New videos to help you get setup:


A. Asimi Minting Overview Video: Watch here


B. Minting Dashboard Explained: Watch here


C. Minting Setup Instructions: How to setup

Find the written getting started guide here




Get setup today! Minting Asimi with Hashing Ad Space is a powerful way to earn crypto from home! Happy minting :)


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