New Asimi Minting System Update

As we progress closer toward our new Asimi minting system, this article some details of the new system to help you get prepared. Below we will cover: Why, How, FAQ and what you can do now.


A significant improvement to the Asimi minting system is coming.We are passionate about this with the primary motive to create a more decentralised system that provides members with complete control of their finances. (in-line with our company mission)

The new minting system allows you to earn more Asimi via ad minting, all while simply owning Asimi in your personal wallet that you control. Hashing Ad Space will have no control over your Asimiand therefore provides you with increased confidence while earning a token that has real products designed to grow for years to come.

Its a powerful change that benefits members and we are proud to roll it out in combination with some significant changes to our company operation to help Asimi grow.

If you own more than 100 Asimi tokens, you can mint and benefit from the opportunity to earn income from home, day after day, for as long as you choose. Mint for one day, or mint for years, it's up to you. All earnings are pure profit.

How it works:
If you own Asimi, you can participate.

A. Own a minimum of 100 Asimi tokens within your Waves Wallet.
B. Add and verify your Waves wallet address in Hashing Ad Space with a small deposit.
D. Complete your Ad Minting requirement for the day.
E. Get paid directly to your minting wallet.
E. Continue minting for as long as you choose. (1 day, or for years. it's up to you)

Diagram explained.
The process starts with your verifying ownership of your waves/Asimi wallet.
This is easily done with a small deposit to Hashing Ad Space that proves you own the wallet. (This will enable us to verify your account balance and pay daily minting earnings directly to your wallet. This small deposit will also be used to pay transaction fees.)
Once your wallet is verified, your account will be included in the daily minting calculations. Each day you will be assigned an Ad Minting value based on how much Asimi you own. The value of your account balance determines the number of ads you can mint. The higher your Asimi balance, the more you can mint, and the more you will earn.
Within the Ad Minter, you can mint your ads.
Once your ads are minted, you will be qualified for your Asimi minting payment for that day.
Your earnings are calculated as your % of Asimi owned, compared with qualified companywide balances.
Your minting earnings will be processed directly to your Waves verified wallet each day.

FAQ Notes:

Your minting wallet:
Your minting wallet must be a Waves wallet that you control and must be unique.
This means we recommend you set up a new minting dedicated wallet for minting.
This is very simple. Within your Waves wallet, you can click to "Switch Account" "add account"
This will provide you with an additional unique wallet for minting, that you can also access while logging into Waves using the same password. (Important: remember to save your private seed phases for the new wallet too as they will be different and without it, you may lose your tokens forever.)

Start date.
We are in the testing phase.
Understating it is a considerable development, a high amount of testing is critical before the launch. We had hoped to launch before the end of the year, although the exact launch date will depend greatly on the testing results. If not by the 1st of Jan, we would expect it within the first week or so of January.
Simply put, we're working hard on this, It will be completed promptly and it is the development teams priority, that said, will not rush this process.

Currently staked Asimi.
All currently staked Asimi will be returned to your account balance where you can withdraw it to use in the new minting system.
There will be a minting pause in effect for one week during this transition. (start date not yet announced) This one-week minting pause is designed to provide enough time for existing minters to withdraw and set up their new minting wallet so that no existing minters are disadvantaged by this update.Minting will continue as it is now until we announce the exact launch date.

Will there be fees?
Yes, Minters will be required to pay a very small waves transaction fee. (at current rates we estimate this to be approximately $2.50 per year if you mint every day)
This will be a significant improvement as currently, it costs $1.95 per withdraw from Hashing Ad Space and that will no longer be needed for minters)

How much can you earn?
There is no exact limit. It is reasonable for you to generate 1000's of Asimi weekly should you get proactive. The more Asimi you own, the more ads you can mint and the more you will earn as a share of the daily payment currently at 17,438 tokens per day. As a guide, we anticipate :
100 tokens = the minimum to start minting.
The average minter will have approximately 10,000 Asimi
The top 10 minters will likely have 100,000+ each.
The more you have, the more you will earn.

Asimi prizes.
As well as the minting earnings, we will have a new Minting raffle prize system added too!
This will be a simple way that any minter can win daily! This raffle is particularly important in offering more opportunity for all, including those who have the minimum 100 Asimi requirements. All minters no matter what value of Asimi they own will be eligible for 1 raffle ticket daily. The winner of the daily raffle will win a prize!

Ad view qualification:
Ad view limits will be assigned every day based on your ownership compared to all other minters. We expect the ad view limits to range between 3 (Min Asimi ownership) and 50 (highest Asimi ownership) ads per day.

What if I miss a day of minting my ads?
No problem. There are no penalties for missing a day/week/more.
Minters are only paid after the successful completion of minting the ads for that day. If you miss a day, you will of course not be qualified to earn that day, but it will not affect your balance or ability to mint the following day in any way.

Minting earnings:
Your earnings are paid directly to your wallet. No need to request a withdraw.
If you mint, you get paid to your verified wallet on file.
Your Asimi minting earnings will be proportionate to the total Asimi that is owned by members companywide.

While there is no direct KYC requirement for Asimi minting itself.
Members remain governed by the Hashing Ad Space terms and conditions for all services within Hashing Ad Space which may require KYC if deemed necessary.

The current top 25 minters.
If you are currently within the top 25 minters in Hashing Ad Space, expect an email after Christmas with an invitation for BETA testing.
It is not compulsory, however, as valued minters, you will have the opportunity to test this system for yourself and provide feedback.

Affiliate commissions.
Affiliate commissions will continue to be paid.
If your referrals mint Asimi, you will earn a 10% commission of their earnings.The commission will be paid to your Hashing Ad Space account balance daily.

Is there a cap on earnings?
No, there is no limit to how much you can earn!
That's the most amazing part of the new minting system. Once you have your account verified and a balance of greater than 100 Asimi, you can mint every day for as long as you choose.
Your Asimi always remains yours... this gives unlimited earning potential all from simply owning something you can sell at any time. It is powerful.

What can you do to prepare?
Get your Asimi ready! Be sure to own as much Asimi as you can.
The more you have, the more you can earn. It is a huge opportunity.Share this information with your teams/friends and get them ready! The more they earn minting, the more you will too.

In conclusion,
This is a leap forward in the Asimi minting system.
Luke you can earn for years with a token that has so much potential and clear road-map of progress. It's an exciting upgrade, and we hope you take full advantage.

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