Hashing Ad Space Monthly Update. News and Statistics For March 2021

News and updates released by Hashing Ad Space include the release of the second Asimi Play game, a new website design, excitement surrounding the decentralized Asimi Minting, Asimi trading news, advertising statistics, and more.


It has been another great month at Hashing Ad Space!

Read below for a complete overview for the month of March!  It is an exciting time for Hashing Ad Space ae are on track to achieve many of the goals set out over two years ago!

1. AsimiPlay: The 2nd Asimi Game has officially launched!


Asimi Chess Champion 

Players can play and win as many chess games as they like and become the champion, to collect Asimi!   

Asimi prizes to be won every month for the leaderboard board.


This state-of-the-art Chess AI forces players to push their knowledge to the limits while also learning new moves with helpful "Suggest Move" hints that teach by example and ultimately help players win, plus allows them to impress and beat their friends the next time they play!

Imagine playing Chess, gaining skills, and winning prizes! That's precisely what Asimi Chess Champion does. Asimi Chess Champion awards prizes to the top Chess players each month! Players can track their progress on the Chess leaderboards and win real Asimi prizes just for having fun playing Chess!

 See all of the Games at AsimiPlay.com

3rd game exciting news: Not only has Asimi chess been released, but the third game is 75% finished! The next game is a colour puzzle and it is fun and challenging.  AsimiPlay is designed to ultimately offer dozens of games, that help players have fun and win all for free! 


2. New Asimi Minting system

The new minting system is powering forward with another full month of decentralised payments working perfectly!

We are pleased to announce, getting paid directly to members wallets is proving to be a BIG benefit for minters.
Every day, minters earn Asimi to their wallet. If you haven't yet, be sure to get setup. (You only need to be the proud owner of 100 Asimi tokens to participate)

Asimi ranks were also launched that celebrate Asimi minters as they progress (hopefully you!)
Fee-free minting is one benefit for rank advancements.

Read more about how anyone can qualify here

3. Surveys News


We are adding an all-new 2nd survey system (currently being tested) that will provide even more earning and income for members.

This 2nd survey option is simple, fast, and available to more areas.
This will add yet another way to earn for free to Hashing Ad Space.

Surveys are a fantastic way to get a lot of Asimi fast!
Get ready for SURVEY THURSDAY again this week!
Earnings are highest on survey Thursday.

Anyone can get started earning by completing surveys just register an account here, or log in to earn, all for free :)

The global survey activity is growing! Congratulations to everyone earning by completing surveys this month!


4. New Website Page Designs

We have added a new look to a variety of the website pages this month. With the new look of home pages and the addition of simple explainer videos and more intuitive member areas, a big step has been taken forward in the mass adoption of Hashing Ad Space as is planned for this year.

See the "how it works" Hashing Ad Space explainer video: https://youtu.be/gwSE3DckLe8

See the new Home pages here:

Earn: https://www.hashingadspace.com/

Advertise: https://www.hashingadspace.com/advertiser/  

And our new "about" page that makes it possible to learn all about the Hashing Ad Space concept: 


5. Asimi Tokens


Asimi was trading steadily around 6-7c USD for the past month.The new year has brought much higher trading activity. The last 30 days over 1 Million Asimi tokens exchanged hands on the Waves exchange.  See Waves Exchange and watch this video to learn how to get Asimi.
On top of that, over $600,000 worth of Asimi has been paid to members' personal wallets in the last 3 months! Just outstanding! You can be one of those that are earning!


6. Minting Earnings 


The top Asimi minting earners are still earning hundreds of dollars worth of Asimi every week just watching ads... Minters have been minting successfully for 891 days! Last week's average Asimi minter earned 190.3033 Asimi for minting just 33 ads! The top Asimi minter earned a huge 16882.7399 ($1009.31) last week (over $4000 worth of Asimi for the month! Results not typical, but exciting to see what is achievable*
The minting setup guide can be found here 

7. Affiliate Update


Congratulations go out to everyone that reached the Affiliate leaderboard this month and won even more Asimi and prizes! Hashing Ad Space affiliates get paid when their referrals earn! Referrals earn, affiliates earn, all for free... it's a win-win!  Affiliates are encouraged to reach out to contacts with some guidance on the decentralised earning potential in the new minting system... Minting referral commissions are HUGE. 10% of everything your referral mint, you earn!
Any registered member can become an affiliate for free. Login and click on the "affiliate resources" tab.


8. View to Earn and the Login Ad Stake

The View To Earn (V2E) has been updated to remove the puzzle slider verification from ad views to make it easier! To qualify, members simply need a minimum of 100 Asimi in a"Login Stake" and the Puzzle Piece will automatically be removed from the V2E ad views.  This update helps further qualify Ad viewers are "real"  and removes the new to complete the slider verification of each ad view.
Completing your login stake with 100 Asimi or more, also  allows members to earn when logging in to Hashing Ad Space, and also makes the V2E ad view income easier. Another win win!


9. Ad Deliveries 


Hashing Ad Space ad views continue to power up!773+ MILLION ADS have been viewed since launch. Over 1 million ads every day get seen at Hashing Ad Space! See the Hashing Ad Space statistics here https://www.hashingadspace.com/statistics.php  


10. Advertising with Hashing Ad Space


All Premium Banners remain sold out.
Advertisers can join the waitlist here 

Login Ad days continue to be the most popular product mostly sold out every day since they were launched (18 months ago). Tip: To claim a day for your campaign, navigate to the Login ad days product, and purchase the newly added day. Every day 1 new day becomes available for purchase.

Ad Minter Ads are becoming increasingly successful with new Asimi minters starting daily! That's a constant flow of new leads looking at your business. 


Learn more about all advertising products here


11. New Members

Hashing Ad Space now has a total of 448,400 + registered members as we march toward our goal of 1 million! If you are a new member and have any questions? See the getting started guide here and/or contact support


12. This coming month

We're focused on the following tasks in the coming month: 


 - New additional Surveys system

- New prize wheel to win Asimi! 

- More rewarded ads (a new way to earn)

- More benefits for Asimi minting ranks 

- Improved V2E 

- New AsimiPlay Game 

- The launch of the "news" tab (where you are right now)



13. General Resource Guides: 


Read FAQ: here

How-to articles: here

Recent webinar: here

How-to video guides: here

Build your own website: here

Play Asimi Games: here


Thank you for another great month. We are offering crypto minting, advertising, website building, and more than one way to earn crypto absolutely FREE! Be sure to take massive action toward your online business goals this month and utilise the features we offer to help you get there faster. 

If you are not already a member, register for free here and get started today to enjoy any or all of our opportunities.  

Now is a very important time to accumulate crypto, and by minting Asimi, anyone can earn income from home, every day, for as long as they choose.


Why Hashing Ad Space?

Established in late 2018, we set out to build an ecosystem that offered simple, free income generation for our members.  All surrounding one of the most valuable products Online Advertising.  Since then Hashing Ad Space has grown rapidly reaching the top 8,000 most visited websites worldwide, approaching 1 Billion ad views delivered, millions of tokens earned, and we are on a mission to help 1,000,000 members from around the globe. As we have accomplished this, we have done so while simultaneously providing effective advertising.  Businesses use our advertising to promote their offers, products, and websites to our pre-build audience and at the same time offering reliable daily income for our members by completing simple tasks. Learn how you can get started with Hashing Ad Space to maximize your business success Here




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