Hashing Ad Space Has Added A New Featured Ad For The Benefit of Both Crypto Earners And Crypto Business Advertisers.

The addition of a new Featured Ad to the crypto-based advertising site Hashing Ad Space offers added benefits for both advertisers, as well as those who view ads for profit.

The new Featured Ad addition to Hashing Ad Space advertising now enables advertisers to advertise their business in a front and central location to have their website seen by thousands of potential customers every day.

The system shows their website directly to people that are incentivised to spend time looking at their ad (webiste).
For those who view ads, you can earn an instant crypto profit.


How the Featured Ad works: 

For Earners:

It's now easier than ever to earn some quick crypto with the featured ad!

Each day viewers will see the top V2E ad displayed as a notification. 

It is easy to simply click the "Watch here" link to view the ad and instantly earn the displayed amount. 


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For Advertisers:

This is a new format for you as advertisers to be able to get your ad in the front and center of all members.

That includes other advertisers, affiliates, earners, and all new members that are far more likely to click on and see the ad!

This ad notification displays the Ad Title and Click Value amount the viewer will earn, this will encourage more traffic to your ad.

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How can you claim the Featured Ad position? 

Simple, set your ad as the Number One Board Position in the View to Earn system. 

Purchase V2E advertising credits and set up your campaign. 

During campaign setup, make sure you set a high enough click value to have your ad showing as " "Board Position 1" 

This will then showcase your ad as the top spot in the V2E and the Featured ad!! 


 Login to the advertiser section to set up your campaign

and have your website featured at Hashing Ad Space.



Enjoy the benefits of both advertising and earning with Hashing Ad Space!


Established in late 2018, Hashing Ad Space set out to build an ecosystem that offered simple, free income generation for members.  All of this surrounding one of the most valuable products Online Advertising.  

Since then, Hashing Ad Space has grown rapidly reaching the top 8,000 most visited websites worldwide, approaching 1 Billion ad views delivered, millions of tokens earned, and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 members from around the globe.

As this was accomplished, they have done so while simultaneously providing effective advertising.  Businesses use Hashing Ad Space advertising to promote their offers, products, and websites to the pre-build audience and at the same time offer reliable daily income for the members by completing simple tasks.

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