Hashing Ad Space Celebrates The New Improved Minting System After Almost One Year

It has been one year since Hashing Ad Space made some very successful and popular changes to their Asimi Minting System.

It has been almost a year since Hashing Ad Space improved the Asimi Token minting system.
An income that allows members to get paid every day for minting New Asimi tokens to the marketplace, directly to their own personal wallet, all while rewarding members who own Asimi.


A HUGE 17.7+ MILLION Asimi tokens are now owned and held

in members, wallets to benefit from Minting.

Every day for over 3 years members have been getting paid.

If you are not minting Asimi, it is easy to get set up and the support staff are ready to help.  Contact us using the support link.

It's simple: 

To get paid, members watch Ad Minter ads. These ads are specific to the Asimi ad minting area. To qualify to access the area members only need to own more than 100 Asimi. 


"Not only the most profitable way to earn in Hashing Ad Space, but very exciting. Members maintain control of their Asimi tokens at all times giving them the flexibility to buy, sell and trade Asimi with ease, all while benefiting from minting too!"


Here's how to get started. 

1. Login here https://www.hashingadspace.com/


2. Navigate to "Minting Dashboard"



Here are some videos to help you get set up: (Self Help)

A. Asimi Minting Overview Video: Watch here



B. Minting Dashboard Explained: Watch here



If you like convenience, and would like to start minting Asimi now, you can also do so by purchasing a Hashing Ad Space Starter Package. This includes some Asimi tokens and Waves for immediate set up with everything you need so you can mint more Asimi, for as long as you choose. https://www.hashingadspace.com/advertiser/basic_pack_purchase.php That's what is great about Asimi minting. 
setup one time, Mint Asimi tokens to your wallet for years to come 
Get set up today and start minting Asimi tokens. 

Established in late 2018, Hashing Ad Space set out to build an ecosystem that offered simple, free income generation for members.  All of this surrounding one of the most valuable products Online Advertising.  

Since then, Hashing Ad Space has grown rapidly reaching the top 8,000 most visited websites worldwide, approaching 1 Billion ad views delivered, millions of tokens earned, and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 members from around the globe.

As this was accomplished, they have done so while simultaneously providing effective advertising.  Businesses use Hashing Ad Space advertising to promote their offers, products, and websites to the pre-build audience and at the same time offer reliable daily income for the members by completing simple tasks.


Learn how you can get started with Hashing Ad Space to maximize your business success at https://hashingadspace.com

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