Hashing Ad Space Asimi Minting 2.5 Is Set To Roll Out

The new Asimi Minting 2.5 update brings new improvements to the Asimi minting system including; simplified setup, additional exposure for advertisers and convenient payment options.

Asimi Minting 2.5 Update

We are excited to improve the much-loved Asimi minting system. With hundreds of members still minting since the launch of Hashing Ad Space in 2018, minting is a core component of what Hashing Ad Space offers. Asimi minting is one of the most profitable ways to earn at Hashing Ad Space and these updates will again make it even better for all members. 

The first step toward Asimi minting 2.5 is set to roll out the week of November 7-13, 2021,  


Phase One:

The addition of the Hashing Ad Space account balance added on the Minting Dashboard.

The Waves wallet balance + the Hashing Ad Space account balance = My Minting Balance.

This update is designed to make it easier to make use of all of the members' Asimi to maximize minting and also make it easier for new members to begin minting taking members account balance into consideration.

In the 2nd phase,

The option to designate minting earnings to your Hashing Ad Space account balance will be added. With the current setting of Asimi paid to your personal wallet either daily or monthly, A new function: “Pay to my Hashing Ad Space account: YES/NO” will be provided. This will allow any member that wishes not to use Waves, the option to do so and also participate in Minting with no Waves wallet necessary.


3rd Phase.

An updated Ad Minting selection page. The updated ad selection page will help create better advertising results by displaying a title and description for the Ad that the minter can choose to view. In turn, better more relevant traffic for advertisers and increased profitability for minters.


4th Phase

In addition to the new “Hashing Ad Space Starter Packages,” The new products offer a combination of Ad products and Bonus Asimi Tokens. This means members can purchase the starter package to get involved with Hashing Ad Space far more easily and even begin minting if they choose to use their Bonus Asimi that way. With the updated Hashing Ad Space Account balance options, members can effectively begin minting without a Waves Wallet, this is designed to make it far easier for anyone to benefit from Asimi Minting, and also easier for Affiliates to promote Hashing Ad Space with a simple way for people to get started.

Starter packages will include:

- Ad minter Advertising 

- Banner Advertising 

- Waves Token Donation 

- Bonus Asimi Tokens 

- Affiliate commission 

- Priority Support


To see and comment on all of the planned updates for Asimi Minting 2.5 please visit



The addition of a new affiliate product and the new Starter Packs are going to be very exciting for Hashing Ad Space affiliates! 

To become an affiliate with Hashing Ad Space, first, become a member of Hashing Ad Space by registering at


Follow the instructions in the link below to become an affiliate


As a result of the October promotion, we saw an increase in website traffic as well as more logins and more Asimi earnings. In addition, all affiliate commissions and ad sales were up.

The bigger we grow, the more powerful Asimi will become!  November is set to be even better!


Let's keep the momentum going! Be sure to check out our new Minting Page


It features the Asimi Minting Estimator to help you to learn how minting works, including a new minting explainer video, and comments from Asimi Minters. 


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