Hashing Ad Space Announces Fee-Free Withdrawals!

To better serve the Hashing Ad Space community, on the 15th of each month, qualified members can now withdrawal their Asimi tokens with zero fees!

Officially launching on August 15th, qualified Hashing Ad Space members can withdraw for free!  No fee will be charged for any amount of Asimi Token withdrawal.

The Fee-free 15th will happen every month!



How to access fee-free withdrawals:


1. To qualify for fee-free withdrawals, you must have 100+ Asimi within the Login Stake. (Be sure to set up a minimum of 100 Asimi in a "Login Stake" to qualify. Details below)

2. Once qualified, you will be able to withdraw on the 15th of every month with zero fees. The fee-free discount is automatically applied.

3. Withdraw and enjoy your Asimi tokens.



If you haven't already, here is how to set up your Login Stake:


Login to your Hashing Ad Space account, go to your Dashboard, and on the left menu, click on "Earn Asimi", then click on "Login Stake"

You can stake up to 10,000 Asimi in your Log In Stake.
The Login  Stake provides additional benefits. As well as the fee-free withdrawals. You will unlock the removal of the human authentication puzzle slider + earn additional Asimi while logging into Hashing Ad Space each day!  Note: This is not a purchase, Your Asimi always remains yours and is returned in full at any point you choose.

On the setup page, enter the number of Asimi you wish to stake from your available balance in the box next to "Stake Your Asimi", then click on "Stake"  It's just that simple. 



Remember, to qualify for these additional benefits including the Free Withdrawals on the 15th of each month you must stake a minimum of 100 Asimi.








Now you can withdraw Asimi from your Hashing Ad Space account every month on the 15th with no fee!!  And... you will earn more Asimi every single day when you log into your Hashing Ad Space Account!


Happy earnings and withdrawals with Hashing Ad Space!




Established in late 2018, Hashing Ad Space set out to build an ecosystem that offered simple, free income generation for members.  All of this surrounding one of the most valuable products Online Advertising.  Since then, Hashing Ad Space has grown rapidly reaching the top 8,000 most visited websites worldwide, approaching 1 Billion ad views delivered, millions of tokens earned, and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 members from around the globe.As this was accomplished, they have done so while simultaneously providing effective advertising.  Businesses use Hashing Ad Space advertising to promote their offers, products, and websites to the pre-build audience and at the same time offer reliable daily income for the members by completing simple tasks.

Learn how you can get started with Hashing Ad Space to maximize your business success Here





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