Changes to navigating the Waves Exchange.

How you can find, trade and use Asimi on the Waves Exchange pending token verification.

The Waves exchange has again changed their layout and also how you can access, trade, and send /receive Asimi Tokens. 

All Waves tokens must now go through a verification process including Asimi. 

Until the token is verified, it will show as "unverified". 


Of course, we have now begun the verification process for Asimi tokens.
There is no indication of how long the verification process might take.

Verifying will make it easier for you to find and use in the future, however, don't worry, you can still easily find and trade Asimi as it is now with a click of a few buttons. 


Here's how to use Asimi on the Waves exchange.


How to find Asimi in your wallet:

Navigate to "Wallet" - Select the "unverified" tab, Search for Asimi - you will see Asimi appear in the list. Use the send and receive arrows to use Asimi. 


How to find and trade Asimi on the exchange:

Navigate to "Trade" - Toggle the "unverified" switch - confirm the disclaimer - Search for Asimi to trade

trade asimi

We look forward to completing the verification process and will let you know once complete, Until then, follow the steps above to access your Asimi tokens. 




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