3 Tips for Increasing Your Advertising Revenue Using Hashing Ad Space.

Follow these proven strategies for increasing advertising success in Hashing Ad Space, including a simple strategy shared by the worlds most successful marketers.

If you have been advertising or considering advertising in Hashing Ad Space, here are 3 simple tips for getting more out of ad campaigns to generate yourself more income now and into the future. 


1. The Offer


Hashing Ad Space best-converting offers often include crypto-related offers or services.

Crypto is hot right now. If you have a crypto offer to promote, such as; ways to earn it, ways to trade it, ways to learn about it, and you can earn an affiliate commission by recommending that offer, that’s a great high converting offer that many of our members are looking for.

Alternatively, consider an offer that relates to making money from home, affiliate marketing, and online business.


2. The Landing Page


When deciding what page to display (destination URL) in your Hashing Ad Space campaigns, try not to send traffic directly to a website home page.

Instead, display a page that allows visitors to enter their email address to be added to your email list.

The most effective campaigns first capture email addresses to allow the advertiser to follow up with the people that subscribe via email. This strategy is proven to be far more effective than just displaying a websites home page. 

It is also recommended that the destination URL (landing page) offers something for free. The person will get the free offer (often in the form of a free video training online/ pdf guide to help them ) if they subscribe. When you include a free offer on your landing page, you will get more subscribers. You can then email your new subscribers with your main offer details and benefits. This without question equals more referrals/customers.



3.  Targeting and Testing


A. Take advantage of the geo-targeting on Hashing Ad Space for any offer that is best suited to a particular region. Set your campaign to focus on the people that would be most interested/able to use your offer.  


B. run multiple campaigns simultaneously in Hashing Ad Space. 

Try different versions of landing pages and different banners to see which one converts best. This will help you continue to optimise and improve your campaigns and, therefore, your results.


Bonus tips: Strategy


Your results are not about how many clicks or how many impressions you receive. Your success is determined by Ad Spend vs Revenue generated.

How much do you spend on ads, and how much money did that earn you?

The ultimate goal is to make more money in revenue than you spend on ads.

 I personally know people that "earn 30k a month" in online sales revenue whilst spending 20k a month on advertising. 

In fact, this is quite common that successful marketers sometimes work "slim" margins between ad spend and revenue.

Internet newbies sometimes expect to spend $1 and get $20 in return. When in fact, a good goal is to spend $1 and get $2 in return.

 I think we can all agree, if you could spend 20k a month to make 30k a month, it’s a no brainer to do that every month...

Understanding this is critical to apply focus to your spend vs revenue.

Step one is to create a profitable campaign.

Step 2 is to scale that campaign up to make you mountains of money.


Another common strategy is a "break-even list building strategy". 

This strategy is used by marketers to create a huge list of subscribers, and fast. 

Unlike the above, the only goal of this strategy is to break even between revenue and ad spend. 

Marketers do this by finding a small offer that people might buy, call it a $20 commission product. Once you know it converts enough to cover the cost of the ad spend ( spend $100, make $100 back), you can scale this up, spend $1000, make $1000, and so on.

You might be wondering,  why do this? Because they know, if they can use this simple break-even strategy to build their email leads list, they can build a list of 10-100k+ leads fast… and for "free".

They then forever have the list to promote various offers to in the future. This creates large and ongoing revenue later by promoting various different ideas with no more ad spend needed. Simply send the new offers to your existing subscribers.


These strategies are shared by the top promoters and earners in the world. 


I hope they serve you too. 



If you are not sure how to build an effective marketing funnel, watch this free 1-hour marketing training video. (yes, it’s 1 hour long packed with information, including a useful blueprint for marketing success) 

I made this training for FunnelBundle that explains how I managed to grow my affiliate marketing business (before starting Hashing Ad Space)  and how you can follow it using this all in one online marketing tool. 




Happy advertising with Hashing Ad Space! 

Keep up the good work. 

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