2nd Year Anniversary PRIZES!!! Get Ready to WIN!

We have reached 2 years in business! and with our 2nd Year Anniversary ... comes PRIZES!!! Get Ready to WIN!


Hi Luke, as you may know we have now reached 2 years in business!!

That means it's time to celebrate with PRIZES!

Over the next 2 weeks, you can go in the draw for amazing 2-year anniversary prizes.

It's going to be FUN.

Here's how you can win:

1: November Leaderboard!

The monthly leaderboard positions for all 3 categories of

Top Minter, Top Advertiser, Top Affiliate

will get a HUGE 3 TIMES the usual prizes this month!!

That's a give away of:

  • 9000 Asimi Tokens!

  • 15 Login Ad Days!

  • 75 Minting Vacation Days

  • 5.8 Million Banner Ad Impressions!

How to win

Get yourself on the leaderboard here


Whoever is in the top 5 of the categories wins!

2: Purchase/staking multiplier prize!

My personal favourite that ANYONE can enter to win

(This only happens 1 time per year)

It was a lot of fun last year when we announced the winners.

Here is the video from last year: https://youtu.be/CmhlI3JUmqc :)

How it works:

Any person that purchases ANY advertising product or sets up ANY Minter Stakes until the end of the month goes in the draw.

If you win, we multiply your stakes/ad purchases!

The more you do, the more you can WIN!


1st Place: 5 x Personal ad purchases / Ad minter stakes
2nd place: 4 x Personal ad purchases / Ad minter stakes
3rd Place: 3 x Personal ad purchases / Ad minter stakes
4th place: 2 x Personal ad purchases / Ad minter stakes
5th Place: 1 x Personal ad purchases / Ad minter stakes


Buy a $500 Ad Package and setup 10 Minter Stakes before the end of the month,

if you WIN 1st place you would receive $2500 with of Advertising and 50 stakes including all Asimi within them!!!


(Maximum prize per person is 100,000 Asimi tokens

I hope it's YOU that wins!)


Take massive action and win this month!

Luke Thanks again for being part of the Hashing Ad Space community.

Keep up the great work! 


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