The simplest way to build your business

Get Noticed

Generate leads, sales and profits with the highest quality targeted advertising. Display your business to other online entrepreneurs from around the world.

Fast and simple

Choose from our three effective advertising products that suit your business and have your campaign set up and ready to go in seconds.

Ad minter

Delivers the highest volume traffic for your site. Viewers will watch your ads daily, with a guaranteed retention of 7 seconds. This gives you time to display the best features of your offer with a captivated, targeted audience.

Login Ads

As the first impression for the member while logging in, Login Ads prove to be highly effective and can deliver the most viewer engagement. Login Ads also have a guaranteed retention of 7 seconds.


Banners are displayed on all pages of the site. This means even when the Hashing Ad Space member is excitedly checking out their Minting rewards, advertising stats or any other page -  your ad can be there - front and center.

Build your home based business

If you have a home based business offer, you're in the perfect place. We deliver views from qualified buyers directly to your website within our unique Ad Minting Platform

Our members are interested in making money from home, This knowledge of our user base is what makes our advertising superior to others and you can expect a far more responsive audience as a result.

Tracking and optimization

Optimize your campaigns with our A/B testing system. Quickly see what is working to get the results you want.

Be an expert

Access our "learn to advertise" learning centre absolutely free with any advertising purchase. Even the complete internet newbie can start advertising campaigns that will see results, with instant access to the the most sought after commodity online - Quality Advertising.

Earn crypto daily

Our unique minting system allows anyone to mint crypto currency tokens through the act and effort of watching ads within the platform. The more advertising you watch, the more tokens you mint. We have worked hard to make this as simple as possible.

Anyone can mint

An internet connection and a few minutes each day is all you need to become a "Hashing Ad Space Minter." Minting is easily done with no special equipment or previous experience needed. Minting crypto frees up your time so you can spend it on more important things.

No limits

There are no limits to the amount of Crypto you can earn. Similar to buying minting equipment, you will increase your daily minting capabilities, and as a result, you will receive even greater minting rewards.

Control your finances

Crypto Currency is here to stay. Those who earn it are setting themselves up to be ahead of the curve. We want you to be in control. As you mint each day on Hashing Ad Space and earn new Asimi Tokens, you are free to use them to: buy advertising to promote your business, product, or service on Hashing Ad Space; you can use your Asimi to stake more Asimi, you can keep your tokens or you can exchange your Asimi for other major currencies including BTC, WAVES, ETH and others almost instantly on the secure decentralized Waves platform, putting more income into your hands sooner.

Get started for free

We're so confident you'll love our products, you can even start for free.  There is no cost to start earning and no subscriptions ever. Simply register and start. No obligation and no credit card required.

For full details visit the "how it works" page in your back office