Minting is the creation of new tokens.

New Asimi tokens are created (minted) each day via ad views on Hashing Ad Space. 
This adds the tokens into circulating supply.

There is no limit to your earnings.
Your individual rewards are a direct result of your contribution and use of the Hashing Ad Space network through:
- Time and effort of viewing ads daily (minting)
- Advertising
- Asimi staking
- Any commissions you may earn
A minter is an individual person who “Mints” Asimi tokens with their time and effort of watching ads on the Hashing Ad Space advertising network. You earn a “minting credit” by watching an advertisement for the full countdown timer of 7 seconds. A minters qualification level determines the minimum and maximum minting allowed within a 24-hour period.
Minters receive a newly minted Asimi tokens based on their ad views. The more ads you mint, the more you are rewarded.
You can certainly join Hashing Ad Space for free. You can then purchase Advertising and set up Advertising Campaigns with your impressions. You can Stake Asimi to begin minting ads each day for 365 days. You also have the opportunity to invite others to Stake and mint Asimi and earn Asimi yourself on the ad minting of your referrals.
Your Ad Minting limit is determined by how many Asimi Stakes you have set up. Each Asimi Stake that you have will allow you to mint one ad per day for 365 days. 

A minters reward is determined by their personal contribution to the network. This is a combination of how much advertising they view daily (POW) and how many Minting Packages they own (POS). The more minting packages one owns, the more you can mint and the greater the reward.
No, it is the act of viewing ads that mints new tokens.
Asimi is the utility token designed specifically to be minted on the Hashing Ad Space network. It is freely traded on the Waves DEX exchange where token holders can easily Buy, Sell or Trade Asimi for other Crypto and Fiat currencies, as well as use it to purchase products on our site. You can read about Asimi here.
You must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
Our refund policy covers advertising packages and it states that they can be returned within 7 days of purchase, provided no impressions have been used off them.
Hashing Ad Space keeps a small percentage of all purchases. This money is used for website functions and improvements, hosting, security, business costs (including employee wages), legal and any other 3rd party fees that allow us to continue to build the best online marketing advertising services imaginable now and into the coming years.
We plan to be the longest running advertising service that also offers considerable rewards. Our domain is currently registered for 5 years, but we see a future far beyond that with the Asimi minting schedule running for 100+ years.
Every day, within a 24-hour period (see clock in back office).
You will not mint any rewards for that period.
Unfortunately, minters do not earn rewards unless they mint. This means you must watch your ads to qualify for minting rewards.
Your sales agent is in breach of our terms and conditions and risks closure of his/her account. This is in NO way an investment. You are purchasing products, be that in advertising or more minting power and that is what you will get. There is no guarantee of earnings and this is certainly not an investment scheme. You can mint Asimi and earn cash back on Hashing Ad Space for the effort of watching ads, not as an investment.
We believe that our unique minting system is exciting and powerful. If you have some time and would like to see how simple it can be to earn crypto currency from home, then, yes, it’s a great idea to join. Try it out for yourself, it is 100% free to join. We think it is the BEST business to be in.